Our best clients are fiscally responsible, philanthropically inclined, and good stewards of their assets. We enjoy working with people who love their families and communities, take action promptly, and consider all possibilities before making important decisions. You may have heard that "you don't know what you don't know." Sometimes the unconventional option is the best one. We have achieved some of the best outcomes for our clients who were open-minded toward advice that was unfamiliar and sounded different from what they had heard before.

Business Owners

We have ways to serve the owners of closely held companies, especially as the primary owner grows closer to transitioning out of the business. Our clients are often surprised to learn how much more they can put aside for retirement and how many ways they can drastically reduce their tax liability—personally and in their businesses. We can create investment strategies that put your excess operating capital to work while providing ways for you to quickly access cash when the business needs it.


We often work with clients in executive or upper-management roles who have concerns about tax liability, especially during the highest-earning years. We can show you unconventional but powerful ways to defer taxes on your excess income, create income streams in retirement, and combine vehicles like credit lines and insurance policies to protect your family, keep your money growing, and reduce your tax liability. If you have illiquid assets such as real estate or restricted stock, we can most often find ways to borrow against the cash value of those investments for short-term liquidity needs, such as purchasing a home.

Affluent Families

We bring extensive experience working with affluent families looking for ways to preserve the wealth they have worked hard to build. We devise strategies for keeping as much of your money as possible in the family, extending the philanthropic power of your charitable gifts, and passing on your wealth in a tax-efficient manner. If you expect to inherit money, we will explain your best options for preserving and growing your inheritance. Our role is to facilitate the transfer of wealth in a way that aligns with the family's values and preserves the family's legacy.

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